Reaching Twitch profile high ranks doesn’t have to be difficult. It does take commitment to streaming content, reaching out to other Twitch users, and having a profile that is actually worth checking out. Below are some tips to push your twitch profile and gain momentum in the community.


Have a profile worth looking at.

If you want to be a Twitch celebrity, you’ve got to look like a Twitch celebrity. Follow successful streamers and pay attention to their details. Check out their profile photo. What’s their background, does their image match their stream? Does their page have a cool layout and is it interesting? The more professional and put together your profile is, the more Twitch viewers are going to check you out.

Be in your community.

Investing in the Twitch community will pay off long term for profile views. Liking other streamer’s channels and participating in conversation will show off your personality and gain views for yourself. Share other Twitch profiles and content. Build relationships with the Twitch hosts who have streams you really connect with and start to copy their methods. Be genuinely interested and your sincerity will pay off.

When your own profile starts to take off and you gain more followers, make sure you are engaging them, too. Stay on top of conversations in your chats. Don’t leave someone on read for several days while you continue to stream and post updates. Twitch is about connecting with other gamers or creatives and being a part of each other’s lives. Talk about projects you’re working on or what you’ve got coming up.

Proper prior planning pays off.

Make sure you have regularly scheduled streams and stick with them. Your followers will expect you live when you say you will be. Strong followers will give you shoutouts on their own channels or let you guest host. Plan ahead to be on time and ready when your webcam starts rolling.

You want to test your webcam ahead of time to make sure the lens is clean and it’s angled perfectly. Make sure your microphone is on. Clear your workspace of anything you don’t want in your stream. Your Twitch viewers don’t want to see your lunch aftermath, clean up and clear out your space.

Post your stream times on your profile. Boost your views by leading your streams on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make cross posts part of your self marketing plan to push your Twitch profile to the biggest audience possible. Always link back to your profile so people can follow, comment and share your content right from Twitch.

Growing your Twitch profile will take some hard work. You have got to decide who you want to be and what your goals are whether you are gaming or creating. Treat your Twitch profile like your own professional brand and give people a reason to follow you. Stream as often as possible and share your content with users across multiple platforms for maximum exposure.